HE-VA logo

HE-VA products, are supplied to C&O through Opico Machinery. Founded in Denmark in 1977 they are best known for producing one of the most advanced high quality rolls and an extensive range of cultivation equipment including Disc Cultivators, Stubble Cultivators, Subsoilers and Seeding Tool-bars.

HE-VA at C&O
Kverneland - Available at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton

Kverneland have over 125 years experience manufacturing agricultural machinery. Kverneland’s soil equipment includes Cultivators, Subsoilers, Disc Harrows, Packers & Rollers, Ploughs and PTO Harrows.

Kverneland machinery is available exclusively at C&O Funtington, Isle of Wight and Wilton depots.

Kverneland cultivation machinery at C&O Tractors - Funtington, Isle of Wight & Wilton
Mzuri logo

Mzuri design and manufacture their machinery in the UK. C&O supply the Mzuri Rehab, a Low Surface Disturbance Subsoiler and the Rezult, a Linkage Mounted Straw Rake. Both products are complementary to the Mzuri reduced tillage ethos.

Cultivation at C&O - Mzuri Rehab Subsoiler
Teagle logo

Teagle machinery is manufactured at their base in Cornwall, UK. C&O supply Teagle power harrows, disc harrows and the Vario one-pass cultivator.

Cultivation at C&O - Teagle Vario