Massey Ferguson Tractors

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Massey Ferguson tractors offer performance, comfort and uncompromising quality.

Efficient, reliable engines using the latest technology work with sophisticated yet user-friendly transmissions to meet the farmer’s needs and get the most out of a wide range of implements, while keeping running costs to the minimum.

Launched in 2017 the S Series are delivering extra efficiency, comfort, safety and style for high spec Massey Ferguson tractors.

The Massey Ferguson Global Series are modern tractors are purpose-built for ease of use, cost effective operation and superior reliability without compromising comfort or performance.

MF 1500

  • 19.5-32 hp
  • Cab option
  • 1100kg lift capacity

Compact tractor with hydrostatic transmission and three cylinder diesel engine.

Massey Ferguson MF1500

MF 1700

  • 38-46 hp
  • Cab option
  • 1400kg lift capacity

Compact tractor with independent PTO, mechanical or hydrostatic transmission and cruise control.

Massey Ferguson MF 1700

MF 3700

  • 75-105 hp
  • V/S/F/GE/WF versions
  • 4 Cylinder engine

Designed to meet the needs of specialist farmers, versions for vineyard, special, fruit, ground effect and wide fruit. Loader options on F, S and WF.

MF 3700

MF 4700

  • 75-95 hp
  • 12×12 synchronised mechanical transmission
  • 3,000kg lift capacity

This modern workhorse is a straightforward, high performance, heavy duty Global series tractor providing exceptional efficiency for all farms.

Massey Ferguson MF 4700

MF 5700

  • 100-110 hp
  • AGCO Power 4.4 Engine
  • 12 x 12 Transmission

The 2 models in the 5700 Global range are both 4 cyclinder and available with an array of build specifications, options and accessories.

Buckets & attachments - Quicke

MF 5700  Dyna 4

  • 85-95 hp
  • 3 Cylinder
  • Dyna 4 Transmission

The 2 models in this series see Dyna 4 added to the modern, straightforward design of the Global Series as well as the option of added cab suspension.

MF 5709 Dyna 4

MF 5700 S

  • 95-130 hp
  • AGCO Power Engine 4.4 l
  • DYNA 4/6 Transmission

The 5700 S Series tractors are excellent all rounders. All 5 models in the range benefit from upgraded design, high performance and a range of options.

MF 5713 S

MF 6700

  • 120-130 hp
  • AGCO Power Engine, 4 cylinder 4.4 l
  • 12×12 Transmission

6700 Global Series tractor has been re-engineered from the ground up and is offered with a range of build specifications to help you tailor the tractor to your farming operation.


MF 6700 S

  • 120-200 hp
  • DYNA 4/6/VT Transmission
  • 9600kg max lift capacity

The powerful four cylinder 6700 S Series tractors have the agility of a small tractor and the top performance of a large tractor making it ideal for field work and loader operations.

MF6718 S

MF 7700 S

  • 140-280 hp
  • DYNA 4/6/VT Transmission
  • 9950kg max lift capacity

With 8 models to choose from the new MF 7700 S Series range combines the AGCO Power Engine with ultimate cab comfort, low cost of operation and high lift capacities.

MF7715 S

MF 8700 S

  • 270-400 hp
  • AGCO Power Engine 6 cylinder
  • Displacement 8.4 litres

The ground-breaking MF 8700 S Series offers some of the most efficient, effective and usable power in its category, along with 12,000kg rear lift capacity.

MF8735 S