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First-class performance, sophisticated technology: With Wacker Neuson rollers available in a range of weight classes, you can move safely everywhere – even in confined areas. Using the remote controlled trench vibratory roller the operator can control from a distance.

Wacker Neuson Tandem Roller Brochure
Wacker Neuson Trench Roller Brochure

Tandem Rollers

Finely tiered model range delivering first class compaction performance. A varied selection of tandem rollers with vibration and oscillation drums as well as combination models. The one-sided drum support makes optimal compaction performance possible for you right up to the edge.

RD18 – Compact maneuverable and powerful
RD24 – Perfect compaction with high level of flexibility
RD27 – Perfect view – Perfect performance
RD40 – Reliable results
RD45 – Powerful and versatile

Rollers at C&O Construction - Wacker Neuson RD27

Remote Controlled Vibratory Trench Rollers

Easy to maneuver, thanks to the articulated joint technology and infrared remote control with safety shutdown. The trench roller has adjustable compaction performance. With fixed or variable drum width  and diagnostic LED display to monitor various engine functions the Wacker Neuson Remote Controlled Vibratory Trench Roller is ideal for all trench work.

RTSC3 – The smart trench roller

Rollers at C&O Construction - Wacker Neuson trench roller RTSC3