Kverneland manufacture a wide range of agricultural machinery including drills, cultivation tools, fertiliser spreaders, grassland tools, choppers and feeder / bedding tools.

Kverneland is exclusively available from C&O’s Funtington depot in West Sussex.

Kverneland Product Range

Soil Equipment

A wide range of products are available from Seedbed Cultivators, Subsoilers and Strip Till Cultivators, Mounted and semi-mounted reversible and conventional ploughs and an extensive range of choppers.

Kverneland culitivation machinery at C&O Tractors


The range of drills available cater for all requirements, including Pneumatic Seeds Drills, combination and mounted models.

Kverneland Optima

Spreading Equipment

From small and compact, to GPS controlled, weighing and high capacity models there is an extensive range of Disc spreaders.

Kverneland Exacta

Forage Equipment

Full range of grassland machinery, bale wrappers and wagons.

Kverneland 8590

Feeding Equipment

Feeder/choppers and diet feeders with single, twin or triple augers.

Kverneland Diet Feeder